Postilion Applications & Services

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Postilion Applications & Services

With a wealth of industry experience and payment systems knowledge, we are able to
provide a broad range of support and services for your payment system. Our
payments engineers have an in-depth knowledge of ACI – with over 40 years
combined experience on Postilion Retailer and Merchant Banking solutions – offering
implementation, integration, support, and development for:

Postilion Realtime (Iso8583) including active/active design & implementations
Postilion Realtime (Iso8583) including active/active design & implementations
Postilion PostCard & Portal (Validators/Processors/Authorizer's, Security, Prepaid/Gift/Loyalty, Portal, Card management Plug In, Office Plug-In, ATM/POS Plug-In, Framework)
Postilion In-store and e-commerce (eSocket.POS, eSocket.Web)
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2003/2008/2012 servers, Sun OS2, Linux
Programming: Java, JSON, J2EE, Android, C, C++, C#, TAL, TACL, COBOL, SCOBOL, PHP
HSM Services (Futurex, Thales, Incognito)
Performance monitoring services, Migration projects, Interface and integration projects, Development projects
Postilion Interchanges (PostBridge,Base24,VisaBase12, VisaSMS, MasterCard(Cr/Dr),CUP, NI,Amex,Networks/Terminals, Custom Interfaces)
Postilion POS Driving (TermApp, Hypercom)
Postilion Office (Extracts, Recons, Settlement (Posting&Payments), Reports, Adjustment & Chargebacks)
Monitoring and Management - Prognosis, EMS, Zabbix, INETCO
Database: Enscribe, MS SQL Server 2000,2005,2008,2012,2016, HSQLDB
Transaction Security Services (EMV, Triple DES, Master / Session, DUKPT, PIN / Card Verification Schemes, PIN Translation, etc.)
System Health Checks and Operational Best Practices

Postilion ATM Driving


Transaction Security Services


Postilion PostCard & Portal


Postilion POS Driving