Payments It's what we do Payments are at the heart of all business. Over 360 billion payments are made worldwide each year. Transform Your Business Applied Payments Technology (APT) is a specialist in providing EFT & Payments technology solutions consisting of transaction processing, terminal driving and management, issuing & acquiring, switching, cryptographic operations and standards such as P2PE, EMV, services in conjunction with industry standards, compliance and best practices.


Applied Payments Tech strives to meet and exceed customers needs across the globe through simple yet innovative products and services. Our ongoing projects are aimed at helping businesses transform the way they transact. Explore them to find an ideal solution for you:

From On-Line Stores to Retailers, Payment Processes

Mobile Network Operators, Banks and other Financial Institutions.

With over 35 years of experience in the payments industry, you can trust us to focus on your payments
platform while you focus on the core of your business.

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Architecture and Consulting

Designing your payment system.

As a mission-critical part of your business, your payments system should be as streamlined and efficient as possible while being robust and low cost.

Services and Support

Supporting and enhancing your payment system.

With a wealth of industry experience and payment systems knowledge, we are able to provide a broad range of support and services for your payment system. Our payments engineers have an in-depth knowledge of ACI – Postillion Retailer and Merchant.

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Software and Applications

Designing and building for your payment platform.

The rapid advance in technology has brought innovation and fresh thinking in the payments industry. Our mission is to assist our customers to get the maximum benefit from both they’re existing infrastructure and by introducing new technology and architectures making it easier, faster and cheaper to innovate

Postillion Applications and Services Profile

Applied Payments Technology (APT) is a specialist providing EFT and Payments solutions and services, tokenisation, P2PE, EMV, services and solutions in conjunction with Industry standards, compliance, and best practices