Our Story

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Our Story

The story of Applied Payments.

Applied Payments Technology (APT) was established by a group of
passionate payment industry professionals of over 40 years combined
experience on the ACI’s Payments suite of products, services and
solutions, with the firm belief that change is coming to the payments

We believe that customers should come first and that good customer
service is mandatory. We see our clients as business partners – people
and companies that we want to build long term relationships with. We
strive to provide exceptional customer service because our customers are
at the heart of our business.


Applied Payments was established in early 2015
by a group of passionate payment industry professionals
with the firm belief that change is coming to the payments industry.

The majority of payment switches in the market today are based on solid – but dated – technology.
We believe that there are better, more cost effective solutions and are firmly behind making this technology
available to our clients.

Payment Systems

Applied Payments Technology provides customized, end-toend payment ecosystems to cater for exact customer requirements.
Our solutions cater for all aspects of payments ranging from the origination, authentication, verification, processing, reconciliation and settlement, cryptography, tokenization and P2PE.
By forming mutually successful partnerships with other payment processors, we have developed a unique payment ecosystem.
All implementations have been done in accordance with all relevant regulatory and legal requirements.

Architecture and Consulting

As a mission-critical part of your business, your payments system
should be as streamlined and efficient as possible while being
robust, flexible and low cost.

We focus on designing optimum solutions that meet both the
business and technology requirements of any payments system
including cost, ROI, performance, and availability. Whether you are
planning a new payments system or optimizing your existing
infrastructure, we provide specialist advice based on industry
standards, client requirements and market potential.

With the industry rapidly moving towards tokenization, P2P, and
EMV, we – together with our strategic partners – have the
knowledge, expertise and solutions ready to drive your payment
system forward.

Why Applied Payments?

One-Stop Payment Solutions

APT introduces a One-Stop shop for Payments processing solution that integrates with legacy systems as well as cutting-edge technology trends such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies available in the market today opening up various options for our valued customers.

Affordability & Maintainability

The switching and peripheral solutions that are available in the market today are highly expensive, which at times renders it untouchable to the emerging & budget-conscious segment in the payments processing space.
Some of the legacy payments processing & terminal driving solutions are being transformed due to the complexity in the maintenance as well as issues related to evolving technology.
We ensure to provide our solutions and services at a tailor-made structure based on “as is” cases with reasonable costs and without disrupting existing business processes.
Our experience with a multitude of legacy systems ensure the smooth transitioning of existing processes through to the new platforms.