Futurex, provides data encryption solutions for financial institutions, retailers, and terminal manufacturers. By way of background for over 34 years, Futurex has successfully served some 15,000 industry-leading customers requiring secure, robust, and cost-effective data encryption solutions. We have an international ability to supply scalable solutions that will meet and exceed customer requirements whilst providing a 24x7 global support service. As the only official distributors of Futurex products in India, we provide sales, support and services for Futurex HSM's, security devices and solutions.

EFTLabs products are specifically designed for today’s payments environment and include solutions for payments processing and payment system development, testing and training. Our payment platform’s modular design makes it easy to customize, scale, extend and modify. New security standards and internal security requirements can be implemented quickly. Multi-platform support and high transaction processing performance give our customers the flexibility and speed they need. As the official EFTlab distributors for Africa, Middle East and India we provide sales, support and services for EFTlab products and solutions.

emPay's ATM and Debit Card Reconciliation System (ReconPlus) is a highly configurable application for reconciling various electronic payment transactions across multiple entities and sources. ReconPlus is a modular system that can be implemented by a Service Provider for multiple banks or as a stand-alone system by an Issuer and/or Acquirer Bank. ReconPlus is a powerful tool that effectively addresses the reconciliation requirements while also keeping in mind the performance expectations of the users. This application is suitable for reconciling electronic transactions processed though single message and dual message systems and allows easy configuration of data formats and reconciliation rules between the various transactions sources and processing systems. As the official emPay distributors for Asia, Africa, Middle East we provide sales, support and services for emPay's products and solutions.

Bevertec CCS (Comprehensive Card Solutions) allows banks to manage their credit and debit card portfolios, including defining revolving credit products, acquiring cardholders and merchants, authorizing and processing credit, debit and payment transactions, statement generation and fraud prevention. In addition to network links to major associations such as Visa and MasterCard, the system allows for the issuance and processing of prepaid, loyalty and private label cards.